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9 December, 2022

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SPS IPC Drives 2015 exclusive show report

03 January, 2016

Bonfiglioli also unveiled a family of modular, six-phase/12-pulse inverters covering power ratings from 200–1,200kW at voltages up to 690V. The IP54-protected ACU8 cabinet drives include a liquid-cooled, fan-free version which saves space and is suitable for heavy-duty applications. The drives offer PLC functions and volumetric flow control for fan and pump applications.

B&R Automation has expanded its Acopos P3 family of servodrives by adding two-axis modules that feed braking energy back into the power supply in applications such as machine tools and conveyors. B&R says that with just 500W of regenerative braking, the modules could pay for themselves in one year.

Danfoss has announced a successor to its well-established VLT 2800 drive. The new VLT Midi Drive FC 280 (shown below) covers power ratings up to 7.5kW. It has pluggable connectors, built-in DC coils and RFI filters, and dual-channel STO functions. It is said to be easy to set up and use.

The Taiwanese automation supplier Delta launched a series of general-purpose, modular drives which offer both closed-loop PID and sensorless modes for controlling permanent magnet and asynchronous motors. The IP54-protected C2000 drives cover 0.75–90kW at 230V or 0.75–450kW at 360V, and offer built-in braking to 30kW on the 460V models. The drives support various communications options and provide a CANopen master function for controlling up to eight slave drives.

Also making its debut on the Delta stand was the CP2000 series of drives for fans, pumps and similar applications, with outputs from 0.75–400kW. A multi-pump facility can manage up to four pumps, while sensorless vector control adjusts motor outputs in HVAC applications with changing torque conditions. The auto-tuning facility saves energy and eliminates vibrations caused by sudden stops and starts.

Delta Line, the Italian small motors specialist, had several new brushless models on show, including two Fulling three-phase, 57mm-square motors which, it claims, deliver up to 36% more torque than rivals on the market, while being smaller. The eight-pole 57BLSH motors offer up to 0.6Nm of torque and 188W of power. Delta line also had a high-speed brushless motor called Fullmax, in diameters from 27–49mm, that delivers up to 4.5Nm of torque at speeds of up to 40,000 rpm.

Eaton’s novel DE1 variable-speed starter, which made its debut at the 2014 SPS show, has been joined by a new version (called DE11), which connects directly to CANopen (in addition to the original support for Modbus and SmartWire-DT). Eaton says that this will open up new applications. Plug-in control terminals enable pre-assembly, saving time and money.

Kollmorgen’s AKD-N distributed servo system can now deliver currents up to 12A, effectively doubling its output to 4.8kW. Ratings of its AKD-C central rectifier units have also been doubled to 20kW.

Mitsubishi Electric has collaborated with Toshiba to develop a range of modular, medium-voltage drives which, they claim, probably have smallest footprint in their class. The MVe2 drives, which come with regenerative braking as standard, cover ratings from 200kVA, 3.3kV to 5MVA, 11kV, and can fit in a shipping container. The 10/11kV versions have a direct motor feed, avoiding the need for the transformers used in rival drives. A separately locatable front-end transformer section can be positioned conveniently and linked to the inverter by a few cables.

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