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9 December, 2022

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SPS IPC Drives 2015 exclusive show report

03 January, 2016

Trio has also extended its range of machine motion coordinators with an 8/16-axis model called the MC508. It supports most encoder formats and uses hardware-based encoder interpolation to extract speeds from standard encoders up to 100 times more accurately than usual, especially at low speeds.

WEG has added a new frame size to its CFW500 series of VSDs, covering the power range 18.5–22kW. The drives have built-in micro-PLCs with pre-programmed macros for positioning, timing and acceleration. WEG has also developed IP55-rated enclosures for its CFW701 VSDs with ratings from 5.5–110kW, 220–480V. An enhanced cooling system ensures that the wall-mounting VSDs will operate reliably, even under full load. Finally, WEG has launched an easy-to-install, plug-in EMC filter for its CFW100 minidrives which, it claims, are the smallest VSDs with built-in PLCs on the market. The filter will allow the 180–750W drives to be used in applications not equipped with group filters.

New from Yaskawa are 400V versions of its new-generation Sigma-7 servomotors, which it launched in 2014. The 400V models (below) have removable quick-coupling plugs for easy wiring. Their book-style housing allows gap-free, side-by-side installation. The motors, covering the range 0.5–15kW, are said to be 20% smaller than their predecessors.

Vacon, now owned by Danfoss, is continuing to develop products bearing its own name. At the SPS show, it launched extensions to its Vacon 100 family of VSDs including enclosed versions, a 690V range (covering ratings from 5.5–800kW in modular, wall-mounting and enclosed versions) and additions to existing modules.


B&R has added a series of 37.5mm-wide controllers to its X20 system. There are five variants of the Compact-S controllers, some with cycle times as short as 400µs. Where a real-time network is not needed, the two smallest variants use Fast Ethernet and can achieve cycle times of 2ms or 4ms. The controllers (below) are equipped with USB, Powerlink and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and can be expanded using X20 interface slots.

B&R was also showing a new generation of IP65-protected swing-arm operator panels fitted with multi-touch widescreen panels from 15.6–24”. The Automation Panel 5000 systems allow either pendant or pedestal mounting and can be mounted up to 100m from a PC using B&R’s Smart Link Display 3 cabling technology.

Beckhoff announced a pair of entry-level industrial PCs – the C6905 control cabinet PC and the CP6706 panel PC with a built-in 7” display – which, it claims, deliver best-in-class performance at a low price. The IPCs are powered by Intel Atom processors with up to four cores, allowing them to perform complex control, motion and visualisation applications. They include 2GB of RAM, dual Ethernet adapters, 4GB CFast cards and four USB ports.

New from ifm electronic is a failsafe PLC that integrates two separate controllers: one handles safety-related applications to SIL 3 / PL e; the other operates as a standard PLC. The smartPLC’s two controllers communicate with each other so that complete plant controls, including safety functions and visualisation, can be implemented on one device. The Codesys-based controller (below) can be used as a machine controller, protocol converter, data-logger, or AS-i gateway, for example.

Lenze has launched a series of multi-touch operator panels that can be used to carry out safe two-handed operations. The v800 terminals are available in two formats – IP65 panel PCs or embedded panels – and are said to be easy to set up and navigate. They are available with screen sizes upwards of 13.3”.

Phoenix Contact was showing a new generation of its Valueline industrial PCs, in both box and panel formats. The fan-less PCs are available with a choice of processors and USB interfaces. The panel versions have touchscreens from 15.6–21.5”. Phoenix also has a new line of 10-point touchscreen HMIs in the same size range, which can be connected to IPCs up to 15m away. The Basicline displays can be used in environments where vibrations could cause problems for panel PCs.

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