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9 December, 2022

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SPS IPC Drives 2015 exclusive show report

03 January, 2016
speeds. The BPV boxes offer lifetime lubrication, high torsional rigidity and can handle high axial and radial forces. They are available in a flange fitting variant.

Bonfiglioli was showing a new range of flanged planetary gearboxes in five sizes with a wide choice of ratios and torque ratings up to 800Nm. The TQF boxes (below) come in two backlash classes, the best being less than 3 arc-min. The gearboxes can also be fitted to BMD permanent magnet synchronous motors, saving space compared to traditional gearhead-motor combinations.

The Swiss linear motor specialist LinMot had several new arrivals on its stand, including an actuator that combines the benefits of a tubular linear motor with built-in guidance. The aluminium-bodied PO4 actuator can replace pneumatic cylinders, allowing precise, dynamic movements with strokes of up to 135mm, loads up to 255N, and accelerations up to 50m/s2.

Parker has extended its ETH family of high-thrust electro-cylinders to include versions that are Atex-certified for use in group II, category 2 explosive gas atmospheres. There are four sizes of ETH Atex cylinders (below) available that can deliver thrust forces up to 56kN, strokes up to 2m, repeatabilities to ±0.03mm, and acceleration to 15m/s2.

Schunk has developed an electric rotary gripper that combines gripping, rotation and control in a housing slightly larger than a cigarette pack. The EGS gripper allows continuous rotation without an electric loop feed-through. The angle of rotation (40–290 degrees) and the gripping force (up to 30N) can be adjusted independently. The device is powered by non-wearing brushless 24V DC motors and needs no moving cables, sliprings or shock absorbers.

Schunk was also showing a parallel gripper with a variable gripping force from 50–600N that can handle objects up to 3kg. The finger position, closing speed, and gripping force of the EGL 90 are freely programmable.

SEW-Eurodrive has a series of precision servogears in 12 sizes, capable of transmitting up to 36.7kNm of torque. The ZN.. gearboxes (below) can be mounted directly without needing a coupling, allowing precision servo gearmotors to be installed in confined spaces. The gears allow high positioning accuracy because their circumferential backlash / hysteresis loss is less than one angular minute for all sizes.

SEW has also extended the upper power range of its two-stage, helical-bevel gearboxes with two new sizes – the K..39 that delivers up to 300Nm, and the K..49 that delivers up to 500Nm.

Siemens says it has completed its couplings portfolio with new backlash-free Flender models in various sizes. The Bipex-S torsionally flexible elastomer couplings are designed for applications subject to vibration and shocks, while the Sipex metal bellows couplings are intended for drives that need angle-preserving torque transmission.

Wittenstein launched a family of gearheads for applications where “average” precision, dynamics and power density performance will suffice, and costs must be contained. The alpha Value Line gearheads (below) come in five motor-mounting variants with reduction ratios from 3–10 (single-stage) and 9–100 (two-stage), efficiencies of more than 95% at full load, and torsional backlash of up to eight arc-minutes. They can be supplied with a rack for linear applications, and a high-torque variant is available.


Balluff was demonstrating a contact-free linear displacement system that can detect the positions of two axes at the same time. The Micropulse BTL6 Profile PF transducer tolerates lateral and vertical offsets between the sensor and moving magnet of up to 15mm. the IP67 devices have a Varan real-time Ethernet interface.

Baumer had several new arrivals on its stand including a range

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