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16 June, 2024

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AI tool turns failure predictions into maintenance plans

03 May, 2024

Rockwell Automation has announced a generative AI software package that converts predictions of equipment failures into detailed, actionable work orders for maintenance teams. Called Fiix Prescriptive Maintenance, the tool is an add-on for Rockwell’s existing Fiix Asset Risk Predictor software, creating what it describes as “the first complete predictive and prescriptive maintenance solution to help manufacturers eliminate unplanned downtime”. The AI can be set up in as little as two weeks and then starts to predict asset failures days in advance.

The new software generates work orders using asset data, completed work orders and trusted maintenance sources. Teams can then review and edit the work orders, and send them to any computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) or enterprise asset management (EAM) tool. All of the data remains private and is protected by “the highest security standards”.

“With Fiix Prescriptive Maintenance, you can turn asset data into the predictions and work orders you need to drastically reduce unplanned downtime, boost operational equipment effectiveness (OEE), and make better use of resources,” says Sandy D’Souza, Fiix’s senior director for sales in the Americas region. “It also helps close the maintenance knowledge gap, ensuring everyone has access to detailed asset and work order information, whether they’ve just started their career or have decades of experience at a company.”

Fiix Asset Risk Predictor, including Fiix Prescriptive Maintenance, can be bought and used independently from the Fiix CMMS or integrated with it. It can also be used with any other CMMS or EAM system.

Rockwell says its generative AI tool will help manufacturers to eliminate unplanned downtime.

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