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14 July, 2024

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Omron joins Neura to ‘revolutionise’ manufacturing

04 April, 2024

Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies has formed a strategic partnership with Neura Robotics, a German pioneer of cognitive robotics, with the aim of revolutionising manufacturing by introducing AI-based cognitive robots designed to enhance efficiency, flexibility and safety.

Unlike traditional industrial robots, cognitive robots can learn from their environment, make decisions autonomously, and adapt to dynamic production environments. This opens up new application possibilities including intricate assembly tasks, detailed quality inspections, and adaptive material-handling processes.

“We see Neura's cognitive technologies as a compelling growth opportunity for industrial robotics,” says Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies president and CEO, Olivier Welker. “By combining Neura’s innovative solutions with Omron’s global reach and automation portfolio, we will provide customers new ways to increase safety, productivity, and flexibility in their operations.”

For Neura’s founder, David Reger, the connection with Omron is “a milestone in the history of industrial automation. It brings us a significant step closer to our goal of revolutionising the global robotics market. By pooling our sensor and AI technologies and expertise into an ultimate platform approach, we will significantly shape the future of the manufacturing industry and set new standards."

Neura Robotics was founded in southern Germany in 2019, with the aim of establishing the age of cognitive robots, which can see, hear and have a sense of touch. They act autonomously and learn from experience. The company combines all of the robot’s components and sensors as well as AI into one device and offers a platform to develop apps for a wide range of specialist applications. It claims to offer “unmatched flexibility and cost efficiency in automation”.

Neura is also planning to bring the first multi-purpose humanoid robot to the market

At present, most of Neura’s manufacturing is done in China, but it is ramping up production in Germany with the aim of relocating its manufacturing from China to Metzingen in Germany by the end of 2024. The company is also establishing an engineering hub in Muniuch focusing on AI, combined with a global sales coordinating centre.

Neura Robotics is planning to transfer production of its cognitive robots from China to Germany by the end of 2024

“Despite the high energy prices and other challenges, we are moving production to Germany in order to demonstrate our confidence in Germany as a business location,” says Reger.

Last year, Neura secured $55m of funding from European investors, followed by a further $16m from the US private equity firm, InterAlpen Partners.

Omron Robotics and Safety Technologies designs and manufactures industrial, collaborative, and mobile robots to help users achieve high levels of safety, productivity, and efficiency.

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