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22 June, 2024

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IP67 motor controller simplifies roller conveyor installations

13 August, 2020

The German automation manufacturer Beckhoff has announced a compact motor controller for roller conveyor systems that, it says, will reduce cabling and improve diagnostics. The IP67-protected EP7402 EtherCAT Box can control BLDC (brushless DC) roller motors from any conveyor or motor manufacturer, simplifying control architectures and cabling. It can be used for roller conveyors in intralogistic and assembly applications, as well as in the packaging, food and beverage industries.

The controller has two outputs with integrated motion controls for the direct connection of 24V DC conveyor roller motors or other BLDC motors rated at up to 3.5A. The control of the motors is sensorless.

The maximum rated current, acceleration or deceleration ramps, and various other parameters can be configured.

The EP7402 can be operated without a PLC and provides functions such as zero pressure accumulation (ZPA), and single or block discharge. Other EtherCat devices such as digital and analogue I/Os, barcode readers and safety devices can be connected via an additional EtherCat junction.

Beckhoff's roller conveyor controller reduces cabling and improves diagnostics

There are eight digital inputs/outputs for connecting devices such as photoelectric switches, and communicating with other box modules.

The IP67-protected EtherCat Box measures 174 x 60 x 36.5mm and can be mounted in C-channel or L-brackets on a conveyor frame. It needs no extra protective covering, saving installation space. The power supply and EtherCat communications are combined in a single cable with a B23 ENP hybrid connector, which can carry up to 28A.

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