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25 May, 2024

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‘Unique’ servomotors ‘are 50% smaller and cost 70% less’

25 May, 2021

A US motor manufacturer has announced a range of compact integrated servomotors that, it claims, offer the performance of high-end industrial servos at the price of quality stepper motors and controllers. Philadelphia-based IQ Motion Control says that its Fortiq BLS42 motors are 50% smaller and cost 70% less than traditional industrial servomotors.

The company’s proprietary technology was born out of the University of Pennsylvania’s robotics laboratory and combines “unique” hardware designs with innovative calibration and control software to achieve high-end motor performance at an affordable price. The straight-stack, straight-magnet brushless DC motors have integrated controllers and magnetic rotary encoders. They are designed to maximise torque and speed output, while minimising vibration and size.

Using a proprietary calibration process, cogging torque ripple can be cut by 90%, while vibration and positioning errors are reduced “significantly”, the company says. The process generates a map of the motor’s properties and leads to efficient, torque-dense motor designs that eliminate vibration without the need for complex manufacturing processes.

The motors are rated to 4,000 rpm and have ±2 encoder tick accuracy. There are four size options with torque ratings from 0.063–0.25Nm and power ratings from 26–105W, depending on the stack length. All have 42 x 42mm frames.

IQ Motion Control claims that its integrated servomotors offer the performance of high-end industrial servos at the price of quality stepper motors and controllers.

The motors are suitable for applications ranging from 3D printers to conveyor belts and robotic joints. They are intended to replace traditional industrial servomotors, offering a superior performance in a much smaller package. IQ Motion Control claims that the motors are “the next step in bringing the most advanced motor control technology to the robotics and industrial machinery industry”.

The motors will be available via the Crowd Supply crowdfunding site.

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