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17 July, 2024

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Soft-starters enhance motor efficiency and reliability

28 June, 2024

Schneider Electric has launched a motor soft-starter designed to optimise machine designs and to reduce the need for preventative maintenance. The Altivar ATS130 soft starter is also said to improve the performance and extend the lifespan of electric motors in pump, fan and compressor applications.

The soft-starter has a 11–55kW power range – wider than the earlier ATS01. Schneider says it will deliver increased mechanical and electrical flexibility, higher efficiency, and optimised motor management compared to direct-on-line starters. The starters provide precise control over motor acceleration and deceleration, reducing mechanical wear-and-tear and reducing energy consumption.

The soft-starters can be installed side-by-side on DIN rails or back plates, saving space and cutting cabinet sizes and installation times. They are the same width as Schneider’s TeSys Deca circuit-breakers, and can connect directly with them to create compact soft motor-starters in a single block, providing protection against short-circuits, excessive temperatures, and phase losses and  unbalances, as well as soft start and stop functions.

The soft-starters can be combined with circuit-breakers to create compact starters with protection functions

Once installed, the ATS130 doesn’t need power connection tightening torque check or re-tightening, reducing the need for preventative maintenance, while also extending lifecycles.

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