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25 May, 2024

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Online community supports automation collaboration

26 February, 2024

B&R has launched an AI-enhanced online community where users of its automation technology can collaborate and share knowledge. The B&R Community brings together machine-builders, systems integrators, end-users and others interested in harnessing the power of collective automation know-how. Users can connect with a global network of experts and peers, forming a “repository of collective wisdom”.

A conversational chatbot provides immediate answers to questions. The Community also offers AI-powered access to help documents for B&R's Automation Studio engineering environment.

Another role is as a hub for collaborative troubleshooting. Through interactive Q&A discussions, users can harness a wealth of technical experience to complete projects faster and with better results.

“Today's powerful automation solutions rely on a wide range of expertise spanning multiple teams and disciplines,” says B&R’s chief technology officer, Florian Schneeberger. “At the same time, demands on speed and agility in development continue to grow. Open collaboration in the B&R Community empowers our users get more innovative solutions to market faster.”

B&R’s online community uses chatbots to answer questions

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