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18 May, 2024

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Cross-cutting function run on servodrives reacts faster

20 September, 2022

The German drives-maker Baumüller has integrated a cross-cutting function into one of its servodrives, thus achieving faster response times and greater precision.

Cross-cutting is used to cut or machine defined lengths of materials such as paper or foil. It can also be used in metalworking to cut pipes to required lengths.

Baumüller is using the intelligence built into its servodrives to run a cross-cutting function. For many applications, this will avoid or reduce the need for separate control hardware, saving time and costs.

The control circuit runs in a fast converter cycle, resulting in high dynamics and accuracy. Process quality is also said to be ensured at slower fieldbus clock rates. The cross-cutting capability can be integrated as a subsystem in higher-level systems via the drive’s fieldbus interfaces.

If used as an autonomous subsystem, and the user requires diagnostics or parameterisation, it is possible to connect a separate HMI.

The cross-cutting software is integrated into the servo drive to achieve faster response times and greater precision.
Image: Baumüller

No programming knowledge is required – the movements are set simply using parameters such as transmission factor, and distance from the measuring point or roll circumference.

The cross-cutting function can loaded onto Baumüller’s b maXX 5000 family of servodrives equipped with the b maXX-softdrivePLC control platform. Programs can be synchronised with a controller clock at cycle times of ≤125μs.


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