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17 July, 2024

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Multi-turn inductive encoders are wear- and maintenance-free

24 November, 2021

Celera Motion has announced a multi-turn inductive angle encoder that performs precise, reliable absolute angle measurements over multiple revolutions, even in harsh environments. The non-contact Multiturn IncOder has no gears or bearings, making it wear- and maintenance-free. It does not need a battery backup and the number of turns is retained in non-volatile memory, even if power is lost.

The easy-to-install encoder is based on the technology developed by the UK company, Zettlex, which Celera acquired in 2018. It is aimed at applications where motion exceeds one turn, such as rotary-to-linear motion and geared rotary systems.

The fit-and-forget encoders are suitable for robot joints, servomotors, linear stages and Cartesian robots – especially where there are space or weight limitations, or if they need to operate in harsh environments. They are not affected by foreign matter.

The low-profile ring encoders have large through-holes and are available in sizes from 75-300mm. They are pre-calibrated and offer up to 19 arc-seconds accuracy, depending on size. The sensors provide up to 21 bits of single-turn resolution and 12 bits of multi-turn resolution (or 8 bits for SSI versions). Communications protocols supported include BiSS-C, ASI (asynchronous serial) and SPI. An adjustable zero-set function simplifies installation and setup.

“Celera Motion’s IncOder Series offers the industry’s most advanced angular measurement capabilities, providing precise, reliable measurements,” says Mike Mainvielle, the company’s vice-president of product management and marketing. “Demand is growing for these innovative products, so we’re excited to introduce the Multiturn IncOder. It is ideal for more compact and lightweight systems and performs extraordinarily well, even in the toughest environments.”

Celera’s multi-turn inductive angle encoders offer accurate measurements in tough environments, especially where weight or space are tight

Celera Motion is owned by Novanta.

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