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18 October, 2021

5G or not 5G: that is the question

18 May, 2020

RF radiation is at the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum and falls into the non-ionizing category, which means that it is unable to break chemical bonds – that is, cause any damage to DNA or tissue. The International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection, which sets guidelines on the output of mobile masts, says there is not a single scientifically substantiated adverse health effect that can be attributed to a normal 5G installation.

An incremental upgrade in mobile communication technology has become a favourite for online conspiracy theorists. Social and mainstream media have promoted many falsehoods about this technology, and have started to cause an uprising among some sections of society. Not only have these claims resulted in vandalism, but have required rebuttals from the government and slowed down the rollout of the technology. 

We know that 5G will drive global growth and help act as the glue for device communications in the fourth industrial revolution. It is predicted that 5G will eventually create millions of new jobs and raise trillions in GDP growth.

The microwave oven was initially frowned upon, yet is now regarded as an essential appliance in most homes. We’re always initially cautious of new and different technologies, but once we have embraced the innovation, we are then able to keep up with the future. 



* Gambica is the trade association for the automation, control, instrumentation and laboratory technology sectors in the UK.

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"Do you think that robots create or destroy jobs?"



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