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13 July, 2024

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UK children get their own engineering institutions

12 June, 2019

The UK’s latest engineering institutions will also have the youngest members. Primary Engineer, the organisation that has spent the past 15 bringing engineering into primary classrooms, has taken its most ambitious step yet by launching the Institutions of Primary and Secondary Engineers which. It says they “are set to change the way skills are taught and nurtured in schools”.

“The Institutions of Primary and Secondary Engineers will empower children to navigate a pathway to work while identifying, building and supporting engineers in the making,” says Dr Susan Scurlock, founder of Primary Engineer, and the creator of the two Institutions. “This is the beginning of a cycle that will embed fundamental skills in children from a very young age, providing them with the foundation for their, and our, future.”

The two Institutions will help pupils and teachers to structure personal and engineering skills, and the STEM curriculum, throughout a pupil’s education. Delivered online, they will allow teachers to create, access and evaluate projects while keeping track of the skills their school is delivering.

“Today signals a major turning point in the identification and development of fundamental skills at an early point in a child’s education,” Scurlock said at a launch ceremony at the House of Lords. “They are a modern tool, based on age-old professional membership organisations which seek to support, nurture and acknowledge best practice.

Dr Susan Scurlock (left, back) with Professor John Perkins, and teachers and their pupils, at the launch of the Institutions of Primary and Secondary Engineers.

“With an open, inclusive, practical approach, the Institutions can become the backbone of skills-based STEM education in the UK,” she added. “Now the real work begins, and we are calling for teachers, pupils and industry to get behind the Institutions and help us make them a platform to an exciting career that all pupils deserve.”

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