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13 June, 2024

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3D robot vision system can be picking ‘within minutes’

02 October, 2018

A Belgian company has developed a 3D robot vision system that, it claims, can be used to set up complex robotic picking operations in a few minutes, without needing to know a robot programming language. The Pick-It system will operate with robots from most major manufacturers and can identify, pick and place items from bins, trays, conveyor belts, buffer tables, pallets and shelves.

Pick-It was founded in 2016 as a spinout from Intermodalics, which develops software for robots. Its founders saw the potential for a single product that would simplify automation for a wide range of manufacturers.

The Pick-It system consists of the 3D camera (mounted either on the robot or separately), a 12-core processor which connects to the robot controller via Ethernet, and Web-based graphical configuration software.

The camera detects the position, orientation and dimensions of the items to be picked automatically. It does this by projecting a pattern onto them and analysing deformations in the pattern to determine depth and surface information.

Pick-It's 3D vision technology makes it easy to set up robot picking applications

Unlike some 2D picking systems, Pick-It does not need special lighting and is not affected by reflections. It can even operate in locations where the lighting is poor or changing. The system can identify overlapping products of varying sizes and detect items of any colour or material, matte or glossy.

•  The Pick-It system is available in the UK from RARUK Automation.

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