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17 July, 2024

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Smaller LiveDrive actuator will open new applications

04 May, 2018

Genesis Robotics, the Canadian company which unveiled a “revolutionary” direct-drive actuator technology at the 2017 Hannover Fair, has developed a smaller version of its LiveDrive actuator, broadening its potential applications. Genesis has also announced that US-based Koch Industries has taken a controlling interest in the business, which will help it to commercialise its technologies.

The new 110mm version of the LiveDrive retains the same radial-flux technology and the performance characteristics of the original 250mm version, such as a high torque-to-weight ratio, zero backlash, high speed and a precision claimed to be up to 100 times better than traditional actuators.

“The latest iteration of the LiveDrive is small enough to encompass a robust solution that creates higher quality movements from machines across multiple industries,” says James Klassen, chief technical officer and co-founder of Genesis Robotics. “Geared actuators have remained largely unchanged for over 50 years, and we’ve designed a solution that solves the challenges associated with traditional geared motors.

“The LiveDrive is so precise and safe,” he adds, “that it enables robots to finally interact with humans in life-changing applications like exoskeletons to help the disabled walk, or assistive arms to aid with heavy lifting for seniors.”

Genesis Robotics believes that the 110mm-diameter, direct-drive LiveDrive actuator will open up new uses for its technology

Under the agreement with KCTG – the industrial technology and engineered equipment arm of the vast family-owned Koch Industries conglomerate – Genesis Robotics, has received a strategic, controlling investment. A new company – Genesis Robotics and Motion Technologies – is being created to commercialise the motor and actuation technologies, including the LiveDrive actuator.

“We are excited to partner with Koch to commercialise LiveDrive, as well as our other pioneering technologies,” says Genesis president, Michael Gibney. “The investment will enable us to further our work on mechanical inventions to benefit society.”

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