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12 July, 2024

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WEG unveils its first geared motors to be developed in-house

26 April, 2016

The Brazilian motor-maker WEG has launched its first-ever range of geared motors using gearboxes designed in-house and carrying the WEG name. The WG20 modular geared motors, unveiled at the Hannover Fair this week, have been developed in collaboration with WEG’s Austrian subsidiary, the gear technology specialist Watt Drive, which it bought in 2011.

By adopting smart design and optimised production processes,” says Norbert Reisner, Watt Drive’s head of geared motor technology, “we have developed a top-quality geared motor range which fulfils all requirements of modern drive systems across a wide range of industrial applications around the world.”

The geared motors offer worldwide interchangeability and energy efficiencies of up to 96%. Available with IE2 or IE3 efficiency motors, they use internal voltage switching to cover most supply voltages, and come in standardised mounting dimensions to suit both new and existing drive systems, ensuring ease-of-installation and flexibility when retrofitting.

The gear pinions mount directly onto the motor shafts resulting in two-stage gears – instead of the more common three-stage configuration. Fewer stages means lower friction, which translates into reduced power and heat dissipation, and thus higher efficiency. The gear tooth geometries have been optimised and high-quality ground-gear parts used to ensure low-loss power transfers and low noise levels, along with reliable performance and long service lives.

The gear pinions in WEG's new geared motors mount directly onto the motor shafts resulting in two-stage designs

The compact gearbox design reduces the amount of lubricant needed, while the gear arrangement, coupled with an advanced housing interior, allows the gears to operate with low oil levels. This, and the low friction losses, prolong the lives of the seals and extend oil change intervals, reducing the need for maintenance.

The geared motors are available with helical, parallel-shaft and helical-bevel gearboxes in rugged, pressure-cast aluminium housings. They are suitable for most industrial applications with torque ratings from 50-600Nm. International certifications allow users to operate the motors at 100 or 120Hz with variable-speed drives. 

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