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18 July, 2024

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New cooling technology ‘shrinks motor sizes by 75%’

27 January, 2016

“I was amazed when Rhett first showed me this new motor,” says Don Panoz, chairman of DeltaWing Technology Group. “Imagine a light and cool-to-the-touch 20hp motor the size of a 12oz can, or one that fits in two hands and puts out 80 or more horsepower. It's simply a transportation game-changer. We'll use it in our DeltaWing road car architecture, which studies show is already in the range of the 2025 CAFE requirements.”

An 80hp (60kW) DHX Falcon electric motor (foreground) compared to what Deltawing describes as a conventional 1.5hp (1.1kW) electric motor (background).

Following their agreement, DHX Electric Machines has relocated to DeltaWing’s campus in Braselton, Georgia. The companies are ramping up motor production and are developing applications for several automotive projects.

DeltaWing is planning to use the DHX motors in vehicles ranging from scooters and city cars, to everyday automobiles and delivery vehicles. Rather than simply placing the new motor in conventional vehicle platforms, DeltaWing and DHX are combining their technologies to with the aim of achieving “new levels” of electric vehicle efficiency and range.

“This is a marriage of two extremely innovative approaches – one bringing to market the state-of-the-art and efficient DeltaWing vehicle architecture and other vehicle platforms, and the other an electric motor tech leader able to make amazing power and torque in a truly tiny package,” says Panoz. “We're both entrepreneurial dreamers and together we'll change cars as we know them today. That's why we're coining our approach ‘disruptive cumulative technologies’.”

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