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25 May, 2024

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Three-phase power loggers capture more than 500 parameters

24 September, 2015

Fluke has announced a pair of three-phase power loggers, which capture and log more than 500 power quality parameters automatically, and are the first of their type designed to work with the Fluke Connect wireless data-gathering system.

The Fluke 1736 and 1738 power loggers capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics, and associated power quality values to deliver data for load studies, energy assessments, harmonic measurements, and analysis of voltage events. The 1736 is a general-purpose model, while the 1738 offers more advanced power quality logging capabilities.

An intelligent measurement verification function reduces measurement errors by verifying and correcting common connection errors digitally. Set-up can be simplified further by powering the loggers directly from the measured circuit.

All three phases and neutral can be measured using four flexible current probes. More than 20 separate logging sessions can be stored on the instrument and all measured values are logged automatically so that trends are not lost. Trends can be reviewed during logging sessions, and before downloading, allowing analysis in the field via bright, colour touchscreens with graphical displays.

The instruments can capture snapshots of event waveforms, as well as date and timestamps, to identify dips and swells and to help pinpoint the causes of power quality issues.

Fluke's new three-phase power loggers can be used to analyse power quality trends in the field

Software is included that provides detailed analysis of energy consumption and power quality and generates reports automatically.

Fluke Connect tools allow users to transmit measured data wirelessly from test tools to smartphones for secure storage on the Fluke Connect Cloud, and for access from the field. Using a smartphone app, data from the power loggers can be viewed from a safe distance, reducing the need for protective equipment, site visits, and check-ins.

The instruments have 600V Cat IV / 1kV Cat III safety ratings.

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