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13 June, 2024

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Hannover Fair 2015 exclusive show report

09 June, 2015

Balluff was also showing a range of magnetically encoded absolute and angle measurement systems. The BML series can be used to adjust axes strokes and end-positions automatically and quickly. The range includes a tiny absolute encoder disk that can be integrated easily into motors and actuators, as an alternative to conventional magnetic or optical feedback systems.

Isra Vision introduced a 3D robot vision sensor which, it claims, can detect and pick complex parts rapidly. The Shapescan3D can pick any number of unsorted items at any height and can be commissioned in a few hours without expert knowledge. It uses stereo measurements to generate a 3D point cloud, with a simple scanning process that takes less than two seconds.

Parker Hannifin has a new system for detecting the presence of metallic wear debris in hydraulic and lubrication fluids. The second-generation Kittiwake sensor uses an inductive technology to sense particles of 40µm or larger, and uses smart algorithms to provide information about their distribution and whether they are ferrous or non-ferrous. The real-time system allows users to take early action to avoid system failures.

Pepperl+Fuchs was promoting new range of cable pull rotary magnetic encoders (below) which are said to deliver reliable results even in difficult conditions involving dirt, shock or vibration. The modular devices are available with various interfaces and surface coatings and can be fitted with brushes or blowers to remove dirt. Their measuring range is 1–60m.

A new range of Rogowski coil current transformers from Phoenix Contact can convert currents up to 4kA, 16–1,000Hz, into analogue signals. The two-piece PACT RCP transformers (below) can be installed on busbars and circular conductors and avoid dangerous open-circuit voltages that can occur with split-core CTs. A downstream measuring transducer allows the measuring range to be configured so that the output signal maps the full input signal width.

Weidmüller was demonstrating a true-rms current transducer for measuring AC and DC currents, even with distorted waveforms. The ACT20C module has a claimed accuracy of better than 0.5% and provides status data via Ethernet. Multiple threshold monitoring allows a variety of alarm conditions to be defined with main and secondary alarms.

Weidmüller was also showing a new analogue signal converter with a built-in display. The 12.5mm-wide ACT20P Pro DCDC II converter is said to be easy to configure. It converts and transfers measurement data with a claimed accuracy of 0.05%.


Belden was showing several new arrivals from its various brands, including: a bus coupler from Lumberg Automation for the LioN Link decentralised fieldbus system, with flexible options for accessing real-time and diagnostic data via Ethernet/IP; a high data-rate Ethernet switch from Hirschmann (called Octopus OS30/34), with gigabit ports, extended routing functions and bypass relays; and a security router from GarrettCom (the Magnum 5RX) that combines Layer 3 functions with network security.

Harting has a new range of high-bandwidth Ethernet switches that also carry power using the Power over Ethernet Plus technology. The Ha-Vis eCon switches (below) can transfer 1,000Mbit/s simultaneously on all ports. An option is an on-board DC/DC voltage converter that allows the switches to operate from 24V supplies, rather than 48/54V.

A small German company called Heinen Automation was demonstrating a Linux-based data-capture device, called the, which can record, process, archive and visualise up to eight different analogue or digital measurements. The boxes can be linked via Ethernet to extend their capacity. The data is stored locally or on an external PC and can be exported as Excel files if required.

Pepperl+Fuchs has a space-saving new AS-i cabinet module with push-in terminals on the front, allowing quick assembly. The 19mm-wide KE5 terminals can be can be removed individually and are coded to prevent them from being mixed up. I/Os and diagnostics are shown as backlit numbers that can be read in the dark.

P+F also has a new optical coupler that can transmit data at 100Mbit/s over distances of up to 300m. The bidirectional communication is protocol-independent and the coupler can be integrated into networks such as Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCat and Powerlink.

Phoenix Contact was promoting a pair of protocol converters for remote control duties. The Reysgate 1000 (for up

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