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20 June, 2024

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Hannover Fair 2015 exclusive show report

09 June, 2015

Mulco has developed a high-performance polyurethane timing belt which, it says, delivers 25% more force and 25% less friction than its standard belts, allowing belts to be up to 30% smaller and saving costs through the use of narrower pulleys. The BrecoflexMove AT10 belts incorporate a new, large-diameter steel cord tension member that increases tensile stiffness by nearly 70%, but is still flexible. The belts are available in widths from 25–100mm and lengths from 1.4–30.5m.

Schunk unveiled a new version of its PGN-plus gripper with a “unique” permanent lubrication function that distributes lubricant faster and more evenly, even for short strokes. This extends the lifespan of the PGN-Plus Permanent grippers (below), making them almost maintenance-free. Schunk claims a repeat accuracy of 0.01mm and is offering a 30-year warranty on the grippers.

SEW-Eurodrive had a clutch of new and enhanced mechanical products at Hannover, including: a range of industrial gears (the P-X series) that combine the advantages of planetary gears with bevel-helical gears to produce compact, low-weight drives with high stiffness and a torque range of 100–500kNm; an overhauled range of XP planetary gears, now based on a modular design and offering finely graduated gear ratios from 1–1,000, and a torque range of 600–5,200kNm; two new sizes (39 and 49) that extend the upper power range of its two-stage bevel-helical gears to achieve torque levels up to 500Nm; and a range of double disk brakes with built-in wear monitoring and a noise reduction system.

SEW has also extended its CMSB range of maintenance-free, oil-bath-lubricated electric cylinders to include the CMSB50 model with a maximum feed thrust of 8kN (below). The cylinder, which can be mounted directly on a motor, uses a ballscrew spindle and offers a maximum feed rate of 0.375m/s for stroke lengths from 70–600mm.

Siemens has expanded its planetary gear portfolio with the new ten-size Flender Planurex 3 family which, it claims, have the highest efficiency in their class and a torque density that is 17.2% higher, on average, than the previous series. The space- and weight-saving range spans ratings from 1.7–5.45MNm.

Siemens also announced a new elastic claw coupling with an optimised cam geometry and newly developed elastomers that result in torque ratings 10–20% higher than previous models, and longer service lives. The ten-size Flender N-Bipex range offers a choice of three shore hardnesses and will operate in temperatures from –50 to +100°C

Stieber has expanded its range of load-sharing and releasable backstops that it launched in 2013 to avoid the over-specification of gearboxes on conveyors. The original versions were designed to be flange-mounted onto the high-speed shafts of gear drives. The new self-contained models are externally mounted on a shaft extension with a torque arm.

New from Timken is a range of mid-sized spherical roller bearings with long operating lives. The bearings use cage pockets, rather a centre guide ring, to guide the rollers, thus eliminating a point of friction. This is said to reduce operating temperatures by an average of 5°C and running torque by up to 4%, and to extend operating lives.


Aventics ­– formerly Bosch Rexroth’s pneumatics operation – has developed a pre-adjusted cushioning system for pneumatic cylinders, which does not need any adjustments during installation, helping to boost productivity. The cushioning is­ being used in Aventics’ CSL-RD series of mini ISO cylinders (below).

Aventics has also expanded its safety portfolio with a device that uses springs to clamp pneumatic piston rods (or similar round bars) to prevent dangerous movements and protect against unexpected start-ups. The LU6 locking device comes in seven sizes covering rod diameters from 32–125mm, and stroke lengths up to 2.85m. It can exert a holding force of 12kN.

The recently renamed IMI Precision Engineering (formerly Norgren) made its public debut at Hannover, highlighting its capabilities – such as using proportional technology to control pilot pressures up to 15 psi with 6mW of power.

Parker Hannifin launched a series of direct-operating proportional control valves with a position feedback that is integrated into the valve body, eliminating the need for exposed feedback cables and facilitating precise control of the spool position. The D1FC/D3FC valves support high flow rates and provide precise and economical control of demanding applications.


New from Balluff is a range of position transducers in rod and profile housings that use standardised communications and automatic address assignment to simplify their integration into networks. The BTL transducers (below) avoid the need for complex programming and reduce machine start-up times. They offer 1µm resolution and can process up to 16 position encoders, providing position and speed outputs for each one. They support real-time Ethernet interfaces including ProfiNet and EtherCat.

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