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26 November, 2022

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Device converts existing wires into Ethernet rings

27 October, 2014

Phoenix Contact has announced a device that uses existing copper wires to create redundant Ethernet ring structures with data rates of up to 15 Mbps for two-wire operation or 30Mbps for four-wire operation. The device also enables Ethernet communications over distances of up to 20km, instead of the usual limit of around 100m.

The device allows existing installations to be retrofitted cost-effectively as Ethernet networks, avoiding the need to install new network cables. They can be retrofitted with an Ethernet ring structure quickly, without needing any Ethernet expertise or IP configuration.

As well the cost savings, the device cuts commissioning times. Once it has been wired, it detects automatically whether it is in a point-to-point, line or ring topology, and configures itself accordingly. The module has two configurable digital outputs for alerting external controllers.

Phoenix Contact's Ethernet retrofit module

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