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25 February, 2024

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Integrated servomotors operate from DC supplies

10 February, 2014

The Danish specialist in integrated servo and stepper motors, JVL, has announced an integrated servomotor aimed at mobile and remote applications such as robotic vehicles and remote positioning systems. The MAC402 motor operates from 12–48V DC supplies, such as batteries, and can deliver up to 400W rms (1,200W peak) at speeds of up to 3,000 rpm.

JVL claims that this is the only integrated motor of its type to offer this level of performance at this power level. In many applications, it can be used instead of a 750W or larger machine, thus saving space and cutting costs. The integrated servomotors measure 191mm x 60mm x 114mm. Available options include: brakes; absolute multi-turn encoders; and planetary and cycloidal gearheads.

The integrated motor avoids the need for a separate servodrive/controller. The advantages of this include: eliminating costly motor and encoder cables; saving space inside control cabinets; minimising RFI noise; and eliminating connection errors between drives and motors. In addition, servicing is easier because the motor and controller can be replaced as a single integrated module, thus minimising downtime and maximising production.

As an option, JVL's MAC402 servomotors can be operated using wireless communications

Communication options for the MAC402 motors include pulse-direction (or analogue) inputs, and fieldbus modules such as Profibus, Devicenet and CANopen. A variety of industrial Ethernet options are available, including EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Powerlink, Modbus TCP and Sercos III. The motors can also be operated wirelessly using WLAN/Wifi, Zigbee or Bluetooth.

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