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15 June, 2024

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I/O modules add special functions to any networked PLC

18 October, 2013

US-based Advanced Micro Controls (AMCI) has announced a distributed I/O system that allows users to add specialised functions, such as stepper motor controls and sensor interfaces, to any networked PLC or PAC. The AnyNet I/O modules are programmed via the host PLC’s software, simplifying installation, cutting costs, and avoiding the need to learn new software or programming languages. 

Users can mix-and match up to six of the modules, which offer a variety of built-in network connections (including Profibus, Ethernet/IP and Modbus) for communicating with PLCs or PACs. The DIN-rail-mounting modules are claimed to simplify installation, optimise network performance, and ensure system integrity.

The available modules include:

•  a stepper motor controller and drive which provides one axis of motion with encoder feedback, allowing users to add up to six axes of motion control on one connection;

•  a two-channel SSI Interface which allows users to interface up to 12 SSI sensors via one network connection;

AMCI's AnyNet I/O system adds specialised functions to PLCs and PACs

•  a two-channel LVDT/RVDT signal conditioner which allows users to interface up to 12 LVDT or RVDT sensors via one network connection; and

•  a two-channel resolver interface, compatible with most available resolver sensors, which allows users to interface up to 12 resolvers via a single network connection. 

Up to six of the I/O modules are stacked onto a “gateway”, needing only one network connection for all communications. 

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