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18 July, 2024

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Modular inverter system offers flexibility

24 July, 2013

A German power semiconductor specialist, GvA Leistungselektronik, has developed a modular, scalable inverter system that allows components to be combined flexibly to achieve the required rating and performance.

Depending on the power requirements, individual half-bridge modules can be connected in parallel. For example, three-half-bridge modules can be used together to create a three-phase inverter. Or three groups of three half-bridge modules can be combined to produce an inverter with three times the power capacity. Similarly, a boost converter can be created by operating three boost modules in parallel.

The Modis (modular inverter system) technology offers a choice of air or water cooling. The use of standard components makes it easy to replace individual components, if necessary.

The system offers a choice of 1.2kV or 1.7kV IGBTs and current ratings up to 1.5kA. Each module can provide a capacitance up to 8,000µF and this can be expanded using external capacitor banks.

Water-cooled (left) and air-cooled (right) versions of GvA's Modis inverter modules

GvA unveiled the Modis concept at the recent PCIM show in Germany and, according to managing director Werner Bresch, the feedback was “overwhelming”.

“Customers simply don’t want to buy a black box, but request flexibility, and the possibility for the future exchange of components,” he adds. “I am absolutely positive that Modis will become firmly established in the marketplace.”

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