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18 July, 2024

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Time-saving connectors handle currents up to 30A

02 July, 2013

Hylec-APL has launched an insulation-piercing clamp connector that can handle currents up to 30A and is claimed to cut electrical installation times by up to 80%

The patented K9 connector (below) uses insulation displacement connection (IDC) technology to eliminate the need for stripping, twisting and connecting wires physically. Its IP33-protected dustproof and waterproof construction avoids the need to tape up in-line or spurred connections and eliminates the risk of electric shock.

IDC is already used widely in telecommunications and computing applications. Recent developments allow the technology to be applied to multiple stranded wire conductors.

Unstripped cables are placed into openings in an IDC cage, which is then snapped shut to hold them in place. Sharp blades cut through the insulating sheath, cold-welding the wires and creating an airtight connection between them.

The connectors are available in two shapes and 11 versions:

•  An I-type connector for end-to-end connections includes five models for cable diameters from 0.1–5.0mm and current ratings from 3–30A, depending on the cross-sectional area.

•  A T-type connector for spurred connections comes in similar ratings to the I-type, plus an extra model that caters for two different conductor sizes. The I-end of this connector handles conductors from 0.1–0.5mm2, while the T-end accommodates conductors from 0.6–1.0mm2.

The maximum voltage for all of the connectors is 600V.

“Cutting, stripping and twisting cables – particularly when creating spurred connections – are among the most time-consuming elements of electrical installations,” says Hylec-APL’s product marketing manager, Terry Spriggs. “By eliminating these tasks and removing the need to tape up connections, the K9 clamp connector can significantly boost the profitability of installers in a wide range of industry sectors.”

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