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5 December, 2023

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Helping to bridge the academic-industry gap

16 October, 2020

A recent online conference organised by Gambica has highlighted the need to bridge the gap between universities and industry. Nikesh Mistry*, Gambica’s sector head for industrial automation, reports on some of the ideas that emerged from the event, and on plans to help narrow the gap.

Let’s get started on tomorrow, today

16 September, 2020

As we prepare for life after the pandemic, we will need to adopt new ways of doing things that may be very different from how we did them in the past. Nikesh Mistry*, Gambica’s sector head for industrial automation, looks at some of the new technologies, work practices and approaches to training that will be vital in the post-Covid era.

Play, Pause, Rewind, Stop… Anthropause?

11 August, 2020

The post-Covid world is going to be very different to the one we inhabited before the pandemic arrived to wreak havoc on almost all aspects of life on earth. Nikesh Mistry*, Gambica’s sector head for industrial automation, argues that we need to think carefully how technologies such as VSDs could help lead us to a better, more sustainable world.

The real obstacles on the road to smarter factories

23 June, 2020

Many manufacturers are not enjoying the full benefits of digitalisation, partly because of the difficulty obtaining real-time data from their plants and machines. In this guest column, Jan Hemper, technical director of Gambica* member, InControl Systems, argues that such barriers can be overcome by closer cooperation between SIs and suppliers.

5G or not 5G: that is the question

18 May, 2020

Conspiracy theorists have had a field day with 5G communications, resulting in their followers burning down dozens of 5G transmitter masts. Nikesh Mistry*, Gambica’s sector head for industrial automation, argues that there is no scientific basis for these fears and that 5G promises enormous potential benefits for industrial users.

Do we need an apprenticeship designed for panel-builders?

14 April, 2020

In an attempt to broaden the qualification options available to prospective engineers, a group of organisations is drawing up proposals for apprenticeship specifically for panel-builders and wiremen. Nikesh Mistry*, Gambica’s sector head for industrial automation, explains the thinking behind the idea.

Are you cyber-prepared?

05 March, 2020

If Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ phone can be hacked, it can happen to any of us. Gambica’s sector head for industrial automation, Nikesh Mistry*, argues that companies need to put more effort into implementing cybersecurity measures to protect their automation systems and other installations.

Digitalisation: the writing is on the wall

10 February, 2020

Gambica’s sector head for industrial automation, Nikesh Mistry*, uses the example of a pen as an analogy to illustrate the benefits that digitalisation can bring to manufacturing.

Energy awareness: it’s the little steps that count

07 January, 2020

In his first column since becoming Gambica’s new sector head for industrial automation, Nikesh Mistry* considers energy efficiency and climate change. Taking small steps, he believes, could help us achieve the goal of zero-carbon emissions.

Lending a helping hand to electrical workers

09 November, 2019

For a special guest column this month, Gambica has invited Tessa Ogle, CEO of the Electrical Industries Charity, to look at the important topic of mental health. Gambica, which is located in the same building as the EIC, helps to raise funds for the charity at its annual lunch.

Time for pastures new

13 October, 2019

After more than three years in charge of Gambica’s industrial automation activities, Victoria Montag is moving on to pastures new. In her final column, she reflects on some of her experiences during her time with the trade association.

Industry 4.0: challenges and opportunities

15 September, 2019

A key to the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 projects is accessing critical data that may be locked away in existing automation systems. But, as Jan Hemper, technical director of Gambica member InControl Systems, explains, accessing that data can provide opportunities for companies to leapfrog their rivals.

Technology can help to deskill tasks too

07 August, 2019

One of the key arguments for increasing the use of automation is that it allows workers to take on more rewarding jobs. But what if they cannot perform these higher-level tasks? Victoria Montag, Gambica’s sector head* for industrial automation, argues that technology could help here too by deskilling more some of the more complex occupations.

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