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13 June, 2024

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‘World’s most popular PLC’ enters a new generation

02 December, 2013

Mitsubishi Electric has unveiled a new generation of its FX compact PLC, with the claims that it is three times faster, and will cut running costs and energy consumption. At the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Germany, the company also launched a new version of its high-end iQ series modular PAC (programmable automation controller), which can control up to 192 axes and is said to cut development, maintenance and operating costs.

3G gateway simplifies remote management of equipment

20 November, 2013

The Swedish industrial communications specialist HMS Industrial Networks has launched a communication gateway that, it claims, will make it easier to configure, monitor and control industrial equipment remotely.

Submersible PM motor can boost outputs by 50%

20 November, 2013

The US-based flow control specialist Flowserve has announced a submersible electric motor that uses permanent magnet technology. It claims that the pump motor is up to 10% more efficient than asynchronous motors, has a longer operating life, and can boost power outputs by nearly 50%.

Explosion-proof motors add a cast-iron option

18 November, 2013

Siemens Drive Technologies division has announced a range of explosion-proof motors with cast-iron housings aimed at challenging hazardous and corrosive environments such as those found in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas sectors. The motors expand Siemens’ Simotics XP 1MB1 portfolio which, until now, has been available only with aluminium housings.

Instruments can perform real-time power analyses

18 November, 2013

Yokogawa has launched a pair of portable instruments that can perform real-time measurement and analysis of electrical power variables. The ScopeCorder DL850E and the DL850EV (dedicated to vehicle applications) instruments combine the functions of a high-performance digital oscilloscope with those of a multi-channel data-acquisition recorder that can capture and analyse transient events and trends for periods of up to 200 days.

'Premium micro-PLC' outperforms similarly priced logic blocks

12 November, 2013

Mitsubishi Electric has announced a new micro-PLC which, it claims, creates a new class of device – which it calls a “premium micro-PLC” – offering many of the functions of compact PLCs, but at similar price to a logic block.

Networking arrivals help to deliver secure infrastructures

08 November, 2013

Rockwell Automation has announced a clutch of wireless and security networking products which, it says, will help manufacturers to build more cost-effective, unified and secure network infrastructures from the enterprise down to shopfloor end-devices. The additions to the Allen-Bradley Stratix family of industrial switches and routers use Cisco’s IOS network infrastructure.

High-efficiency gearboxes are 42% lighter

05 November, 2013

The German motion and automation specialist Lenze has developed a new generation of small, lightweight gearboxes with efficiencies of 94–96% across their entire operating range. The helical, helical-bevel and shaft-mounted helical gearboxes will make their public debut at the SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremberg later this month.

Next-generation robots use less power and cost less to own

05 November, 2013

ABB has unveiled a seventh generation of large robots with the claim that they are faster, more accurate and have bigger payloads than their predecessors, as well as being easier to service and using 15% less power. They are also said to cost less to own.

PLC can cope with tough environments

01 November, 2013

Siemens has developed a controller specifically for use in tough environments. The Siplus S7-1500 controller has been designed to provide reliable operation in extreme conditions including the presence of high levels of humidity, corrosive vapours, salt and dust. In hot climates, it can cut energy costs because no extra air conditioning is needed.

Compact vision system uses a single Ethernet cable

25 October, 2013

National Instruments has announced a compact vision system that uses a single Ethernet cable to power a camera, send triggers and acquire images. The NI CVS-1457RT system has two independent GigE Vision ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology that support deterministic camera triggering over the Ethernet bus and are compatible with low-cost PoE cameras and non-PoE GigE cameras.

Online oil monitor gives early warning of gearbox problems

25 October, 2013

Schaeffler has announced an online lubrication oil monitoring system that can provide an early warning of damage or wear to bearings, cages and gears in industrial gearboxes. The FAG Wear Debris Check system, which needs no calibration, provides plant operators with a reliable way of preventing unplanned downtime and cutting maintenance and repair costs.

Modular overload relays can be tailored to an application

24 October, 2013

Rockwell Automation has developed an electronic overload relay that combines communications, a patented current-measurement technology, and time-saving I/O options, in a modular design. The modularity of the Allen-Bradley E300 relay is said to give users the flexibility to tailor the device to meet their precise needs.

Linear ball bearings will last up to 50% longer

24 October, 2013

SKF has announced a new generation of ISO-3 linear ball bearings which, it says, have operating lives up to 50% longer than their predecessors and load ratings up to 15% higher. The D series bearings are interchangeable with the previous LBC range and with competitor products.

Spindle-driven linear axis is just 20mm high

24 October, 2013

At the recent Drinktec exhibition in Germany, the German engineered plastics specialist igus unveiled a spindle-driven linear axis with an installation height of just 20mm and a width of 45mm. It also revealed a spindle linear module that can handle radial loads up to up to 1,000kg and axial loads up to 250kg. Both ranges are targeted at food and drink applications.

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