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23 September, 2020

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11 tonnes of drives are recycled

01 March, 2006

11 tonnes of drives are recycled

Last year, ABB recycled more than 11 tonnes of electrical and electronic waste from variable speed drives in the UK - 57% more than in 2004.

The drives were removed and processed by the recycling specialist RID which collects redundant drives from members of ABB`s Drives Alliance, or direct from end-users in the case of large drives or large numbers of small drives that need recycling. RID also recycles other manufacturers` drives that have been replaced by ABB models.

The drives are recycled in accordance with the Environment Act of 1990 which stipulates how to dispose of different materials. Recyclable materials, such as copper and aluminium, are recovered, while hazardous waste, such as electrolytic capacitors, is sent for specialised disposal. By weight, up to 90% of ABB`s drives are reused or recycled.

Once a drive has been removed for recycling, ABB issues a certificate that can be used for environmental audits by users complying with ISO 14001.

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