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28 February, 2024

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Cubicle drives stretch up to 675kW

01 October, 2005

Cubicle drives stretch up to 675kW

Control Techniques has developed free-standing cubicle versions of its Unidrive SP AC drives, spanning ratings from 90-675kW. The IP21-protected, factory-built modules are aimed at applications in sectors such as the water industry, petrochemicals, mining, processing, conveyors, cranes and HVAC.

CT claims that the compact cubicles have market-leading footprints in their power sector. All of the cubicles are 2m high and 600mm deep, and the first three sizes - covering ratings up to 355kW, 620A - are 400mm wide. The largest versions (up to 675kW, 1.15kA) are 800mm wide.

"We are offering a pre-engineered AC drives package," says CT product manager, Richard Smith, "with a small space envelope, high power density and with the right price and delivery window."

The cubicles include rectifiers, drives and inductors, and protection using either the customer`s protected supply or built-in fuses. There are also two separate, optional cubicles: an incomer cubicle containing a fuse-switch, MCCB, and EMC filter; and an "applications" cubicle, containing application-specific control equipment and PLCs.

Initially, the free-standing drives cover ratings up to 675kW, and more power options are planned for the first half of 2006.

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