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29 February, 2024

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Program and monitor your drives without wires

01 October, 2005

Program and monitor your drives without wires

Users of Allen-Bradley`s PowerFlex AC drives and older SCANport-equipped A-B drives, can now program, troubleshoot and monitor their drives wirelessly from a hand-held PocketPC. Rockwell has developed a software-and-hardware package that eliminates the need for wired connections with the drives, allowing users to access their drives without opening panel doors.

With the Pocket DriveExplorer software running on a PocketPC, users can communicate with drives fitted with a Wireless Interface Module, via Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network. Security features limit wireless access to the drives.

"Drives users are always looking for tools to reduce wiring costs and ease system programming and monitoring," explains Rockwell`s product specialist, David Wisniewski. "Users in all industries can configure, troubleshoot and monitor drives with the wireless interface, just as if they were at a networked computer in their office."

The Wi-Fi-enabled drives can notify their users if they stray outside set parameters, via alarm messages sent to the same wireless device that monitors and controls them.

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