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20 June, 2024

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Wireless switchgear has an 800m operating range

15 December, 2011

At the recent SPS show in Nuremberg, the German safe switching supplier .steute presented its first remote switching devices to use a new radio module for long-range wireless operation. The module allows switchgear to be operated wirelessly over distances of up to 800m outdoors, without needing an energy supply.

There are two versions. One uses .steute’s “energy harvesting” technology for power. It contains a radio circuit which transmits confirmation of previously received signals, thus allowing bidirectional communications – albeit delayed.

The second variant is battery-powered, and transmits an “acknowledge” signal immediately. If needed, it can transmit a repeat signal and can “ask” the receiver whether a signal has arrived, thus guaranteeing transmissions.

The first .steute products to adopt the new wireless modules (above) are position switches with ranges up to 500m. There are also ultra-long-range versions which will operate over distances of up to 800m outdoors. In future, other wireless switchgear will also use the new modules.

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