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4 March, 2024

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Cyber-security system is easy to implement
Published:  08 January, 2010

Belden has announced a range of industrial security products that can be installed in live networks with no special training, no preconfiguration and no changes to the network. The Hirschmann Eagle 20 Tofino products, developed in collaboration with Byres Security, combine rugged hardware “security appliances” with a collection of software modules to provide industrial network security that is said to be simple to implement and does not require plant shutdowns.

The security appliances support both fibre and copper connections. The software modules – known as loadable security modules, or LSMs – customise the security appliances. LSMs already available include firewall, secure asset management, and event-logger functions. There is also an LSM that analyses and filters Modbus TCP messages, and is said to be the only security product certified by Modbus-IDA.

The system also includes a “central management platform” for configuring the security appliances and their LSMs from a central point.

Eric Byres, chief technology officer of Byres Security, points out that while industry now relies on high-quality data streams, the IT expertise needed to implement and support conventional network security is often not available on site. The new products are designed to overcome this problem.

♦  Byres has also announced five security appliances with various connection, temperature and power supply options, and a series of firmware modules that customise the functions of each appliance. The Argon appliances (shown above) provide a cyber-security system that can protect industrial facilities using a variety of SCADA, process control and networking systems. Users can mix-and-match the security features, media support (fibre or copper), and physical protection to suit their plants.

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