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28 February, 2024

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Drives portfolio will slim down to four families

07 July, 2009

The Eaton Corporation and its Moeller subsidiary are revamping their drives portfolio and planning to launch several new ranges over the next couple of years. Between them, Eaton and Moeller currently have more than a dozen drives ranges, but they are aiming to slim this down to around four families.

The first new range was the M-Max series of inverters (above), unveiled at the SPS/IPC/Drives show in Germany late last year. These sensorless vector or V/f drives will, by next year, span ratings from 0.25–2.2kW (single-phase) and 0.37–18.5kW (three-phase). An interface for Moeller’s Smartwire-Darwin wiring system is being developed, as is a plug-on module to provide PC communications.

In September, Moeller plans to launch a higher-power family called H-Max (shown below), aimed mainly at HVAC applications. These drives, available in IP21 or IP54 ratings, will cover ratings from 0.5–200kW in three voltages (230V, 480V and 757V). They will come with internal DC chokes, RFI filters and brake choppers, and will incorporate two options slots for fieldbus and I/O expansion. They will handle 110% overcurrents for a minute.

Next up, in early 2010, will be family called E-Max aimed at industrial applications. These sensorless vector drives will initially be available in ratings up to 90kW, but will eventually extend above 1MW. They will also be available in IP21 and IP54 ratings.

Later in 2010, Eaton and Moeller are planning to launch a range of high-performance drives with motion control functions.

Eaton is maintaining its relationship with Vacon, which it established in 1998 and extended last year. Under their agreement, Vacon supplies Eaton with power stages for its drives.

Eaton acquired Moeller in 2007. The Moeller name could be phased out over the next few years – but could be kept for the German market.

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